Top Categories to Promote with Mobile Ads

BY Kathy Crosett
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With e‑commerce poised to account for 9% of all retail sales [eMarketer], you know most of your clients need a good digital marketing and sales strategy. You should be encouraging them to use your digital marketing services to boost their mobile marketing and sales strategies. Here are the numbers to prove the point.

We already know that Amazon owns over 43% of e‑commerce sales in the U.S. If that isn’t enough to make your clients nervous, they’re also up against WalMart and eBay who are competing hard to grow their online market share. Facing this tough competition is no reason for your clients to give up. Instead, they need to get smart. One way to do that is to put ad money into categories of products people often buy via their mobile devices.

New comScore data shows that the mobile channel snagged 23% of online sales in Q3 2017, while sales originating from desktop computers accounted for over 60% of e‑commerce activity. For mobile, the sales represented a 40% growth rate over the same period last year. Desktop e‑commerce sales are only growing at 17%. Still, the ‘conversion gap’ that comScore analysts discuss truly exists. Consumers are not using mobile devices to buy products at the same rate as they do with desktop computers.

Your clients can make money in the format by advertising and selling unique products in some of the hottest mobile categories. For example, comScore analysts have identified five categories that are over-​represented in mobile e‑commerce sales:

  • Toys & Hobbies: 58% share
  • Video Games, Consoles & Accessories: 55%
  • Music, Movies, & Videos: 51%
  • Jewelry & Watches: 51%
  • Flowers, Greetings & Gifts: 50%

Your clients shouldn’t overlook apparel and accessories, either. The category is tops in the online universe. And, the fastest growing category in the mobile e‑commerce space is appliances and equipment.

As mobile shopping becomes more established, your clients can take advantage of the growing numbers of shoppers looking for special items on their phones. Along with offering unique items, free shipping and fast shipping are some of the most important services that your clients can promote in the battle to win sales in the mobile e‑commerce sector.