Top Hacks for Creating Compelling Content

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients have trouble drawing traffic to their sites? The problem may not be with what their content says. It’s how they’re writing content that can leave targeted audiences feeling blah. This situation can be an opportunity for you to sell your content creation services. Dazzle your prospects with some of these details from Julia McCoy who writes for SearchEngineJournal​.com.

The Headline

Remind your clients that there’s little sense writing great content if they don’t match it with an awesome headline. They should think of the headline as a book cover. The words in the headline should hint at exciting or intriguing information inside. These days, readers like to know what they’re getting into. For example: 5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Swallow a Pill. You can also ask a question in your headline. Did You Know This Trick to Helping Your Cats Swallow a Pill?

If your client is having trouble with headlines, encourage them to come up with three variations for each post. The practice will help them to think more creatively.

 The Body

Your clients’ content should tell a story if they want to attract attention. The first sentence or two should act as a hook to make the reader want to continue. Because readers are often scanning articles quickly, content should be presented in short sentences. To keep readers’ attention, stay focused on a single theme. Use connecting words between paragraphs. Keep building to the point you want to make.

The End

Convincing readers to take the next step is the goal of content. At the end of the piece, include a call to action. Readers have given you the gift of some of their time. They expect something in return. Don’t disappoint them. Encourage them to click a button on the screen. Give them a code they can use to score a discount on a product or service.

Your clients should also understand the type of content that their audiences prefer. Get the whole story by running a Digital Audit on them and use the information to show them how to improve. The tool is available on AdMall from SalesFuel.