Top Hacks to Improve Your Workplace Satisfaction

BY Jessica Helinski
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It’s a new year, which is a time when many reflect on the past and look for ways to shine in the future. This year, instead of focusing solely on a numbers goal, consider one that directly benefits your overall well-​being (not just your bottom line). A recent article from Inc. suggests one resolution that you might not have considered: Your happiness in the workplace.

Turns out though, that being happy isn't just good for your personal wellbeing, it's also good for your career–and organization, as a whole,” writes Melissa Lamson, president and CEO of Lamson Consulting. She shares five simple ways you can boost happiness (and subsequently, your performance!). Check out three of her tips below:

Branch out. Look beyond your typical circle of colleagues and reach out to someone with whom you typically don’t associate. Start by making a list of people in your company whot you’d like to spend more time with, then pick up the phone! By expanding your in-​office network, you have the opportunity to be inspired by new perspectives, ideas and skills.

Give praise. Complimenting colleagues can encourage further engagement, improved performance and positive moods. Not only will you be perking up others with kind words, but you'll also be improving your own mood. “Try to get in the habit of verbalizing what you're thinking, rather than keeping it to yourself,” Lamson advises. “If you're thinking something positive about someone (whether it be that you like the color of their sweater or you appreciated the points of their presentation), say it!”

Find the silver lining. Mistakes and misunderstandings are inevitable, so perhaps reconsider how you respond to them. Try to turn uncomfortable or disappointing moments into learning experiences; the shift in mood can do wonders in the long run.

Lamson reminds readers that they don’t have to be perky all the time to feel happier in the workplace. Simply being mindful of your moods can boost overall happiness over time. In turn, better moods can boost your own performance (AND that of your co-workers!).