Tips to Recharge Your Sales Meetings

BY Kathy Crosett
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It’s that time again. You and your team will be gathering for the regular sales meeting. If your meetings are feeling a little stale and sales have stalled out, consider energizing your team with these tips from Gerhard Gschwandtner.

The Theme

Some sales managers follow a predictable routine. These routines may be working for you as you obtain the information you need from your reps. Your team members may have another word for routine. That word is boring. Consider jazzing up your meetings by giving each one a theme. Maybe everyone needs to focus on selling an add-​on product this month and that need could be your meeting theme. You could also focus on a specific selling tactic, like professional attire, as a theme for one of your meetings.

The Pace

Nobody wants to sit around a table talking about the same old problem customers every month. To keep your reps engaged in the meeting and in what they need to focus on in the weeks ahead, be prepared with an agenda that allows you to shift pace. For example, have one of your reps make a presentation that works with the theme you’ve identified. Then shift to a question and answer session for part of the meeting. Finally, get people out of their seats and into groups for a role-​playing session.


Your reps are professionals who face rejection and negativity on a daily basis. Part of your sales meetings should be devoted to generating new ideas on how to help them deal effectively with the negative energy and to turn around situations until they result in a contract. You should also be encouraging your team members to develop their own ideas on how to build their lists of leads and prospects. As an experienced rep and manager, you likely have plenty of your own ideas. Resist the urge to tell your reps what to do and help them find their own solutions during break-​out sessions in your sales meetings. This approach will help them to build confidence.

As Gschewandtner reminds readers, your reps are looking to you for support and leadership. Set a positive tone in your meetings, and that attitude will carry your reps through the calls and presentations they’ll be making in the weeks ahead.