Top Sales Secrets of 'Rockstar Entrepreneurs'

BY Jessica Helinski
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Who’s your most respected “rockstar entrepreneur?” Jobs? Branson? Musk? Or, is it someone who has made his or her mark locally in your area? Regardless of whether they are nationally or locally known, rockstar entrepreneurs all share the same powerful mindset — and they can teach you a few things about selling.

Adapting an entrepreneurial mindset can transform your sales approach, and help you crush your sales goals,” writes Marc Wayshak in an article for Entrepreneur. “You’ll notice an immediate uptick in your sales, while you close more deals at higher value points.” He goes on to share four ways that salespeople can integrate entrepreneurial strategies into their sales process. Below, are two of his suggestions:

Think of yourself as the owner.

Even though you aren’t your company’s owner, think and sell like you own it all. Like an entrepreneur, take full responsibility for your success, and that of your product or service. “This is a key mindset shift for many salespeople, who see themselves as answering to their managers or other people in their companies,” Wayshak explains. Take ownership of your own success and what you’re selling instead of relying on someone else.

Take risks with prospects.

When selling, don’t let fear or worries about failure keep you from taking risks. Entrepreneurs test their prospects with big plays and outside-​the-​box thinking. You can do this as well and help your prospects meet their biggest challenges. “When you take the calculated risks common to great entrepreneurs, you’ll not only close more sales — you’ll close bigger, more profitable sales,” he writes.

Wayshak’s four tips may take you out of your comfort zone. But, he believes that they can help you align your selling strategy with those of great entrepreneurs.