Top Tips to Help You Leave Your Comfort Zone

BY Rachel Cagle
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Few successful people achieved their goals by following the norm. However, many salespeople struggle to stand out from the crowd because it often involves taking risks. Risks are often associated with reckless behavior, but maybe risk-​taking is just viewed negatively because the general consensus is that it’s safer to remain in one’s comfort zone. Heather Baldwin is a believer that risks are giant steps forward and uses The Usheroff Institute’s tips for smart risk-​taking to support her stance in, “How to Take Smart Risks and Win Sales.”

  1. Have Confidence in Gut Feelings

Your instincts are not to be taken lightly, especially after you’ve established yourself in your field. History has proven time and time again that people who trust their gut are often rewarded and achieve great things. We’re all familiar with some story or other about someone who was told by everyone around them that their idea wouldn’t work, but then they trusted their feelings, persevered, and were successful. So, trust yourself. It’ll likely put you ahead of the crowd.

  1. Look Before You Leap

Your gut can guide you in the right direction or give you that final push you need to take a productive risk. Following your gut is intelligent risk-​taking, but only if it is paired with the amount of knowledge needed to have it work out effectively. The difference between a well thought-​out risk and a reckless endeavor is the research you put into your idea before you implement it. Make sure you know the ins and outs of your plan. If you run into a roadblock along the way, someone else can help you around it. There’s a stigma behind asking for help because many people worry that it will diminish their reputation of being knowledgeable. However, you’ll look a whole lot worse if you attempt something you’re not adequately prepared for and fall flat on your face.

  1. Remember What “Assuming” Stands For

That old phrase has an incredible amount of truth in it. Do not assume that everything will go exactly according to plan. Rarely does anything, risky or otherwise, flow flawlessly forever. Everything, especially something that you’re using to differentiate yourself, needs to be thoroughly thought through. You need to have a proactive mindset and prepare for as many outcomes to your plan as you can think of. That way, if something goes wrong, you can fix it in a flash! Effective salespeople plan ahead. Assuming everything will work out perfectly is dangerous.