Unable to Meet Quota? Quit Committing These Common Sales Mistakes

BY Jessica Helinski
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If you find it difficult to meet quota, or you cut close each quarter, small sales mistakes may be to blame. Selling is difficult and processes include many hurdles reps need to cross to close deals. Sometimes a small shift in how you do things can give the much-​needed push to your goals. 

2 mistakes that keep you from meeting quota

Being unprepared for objections is a typical sales mistake. Sellers may think they can easily give a spontaneous response. Or a rep might think they’ve got the deal in the bag, only to be blindsided by an unexpected objection. Whether it’s being ready to hear “no” when asking for a meeting or a flat-​out rejection to a proposal, sellers should be ready for whatever could come their way. 

With a little preparation and practice, reps can face objections with a thoughtful response, which can mean the difference between the end of a conversation and keeping the process moving. 

Abstrakt Marketing shared some common objections that sellers often face. You won't always have a response for every objection you hear. But you can be ready for those that buyers typically give. Below are just a couple from their list:

  • It’s too expensive.” Money is often the reason a prospect hesitates to move forward. In fact, SalesFuel’s Voice of the Sales Rep survey revealed that the top objections sellers hear is that their offering is “too expensive.” Abstrakt recommends touting the personalized value that the prospect would receive and how it can save money in the future. Additionally, “You can also offer financing options or a money-​back guarantee to make it more affordable for them.”
  • I’m not the decision-​maker.” Counter this concern by simply asking who does make the decisions and then getting their contact information. Then, take a bit more time to share the value that the business would get from what you’re selling. While this person can’t make the final decision, having a champion in your corner to influence others certainly can help. 

You might also want to consider role-​playing with a team member or colleague. Practicing your responses a few times can make your delivery in a real scenario much more natural. Check out even more professional tips for handling objections, including ones you might hear during a cold call, here.

Rushing the prospect

It’s understandable that you’re eager to meet quota. But if you push too hard, too fast, you’re likely going to alienate the buyer. Modern buyers don’t have the tolerance for pushy sellers. SalesFuel reports that for 20% of buyers, being pushed by a seller is the ultimate deal-breaker. 

You need to give time for people to invest in your product or service,” Irina Maltseva writes for Freshworks. “For that, respectful persistence works the best.” She recommends investing in touchpoints that add further value but don’t pressure. Send a follow-​up email that delivers some kind of value or check in on social media to share a post you think the buyer would enjoy. You could also pass on customer testimonials or case studies, which will provide social proof and boost your sales credibility while also educating the prospect. These small acts will keep you top of mind, without adding pressure, while also offering something relevant. And for more tips on how to be persistent, without being pushy, check out this SalesFuel article

If you find that you just can’t meet quota, consider whether or not you are committing these typical sales mistakes. Adjusting your tactics to be more buyer-​friendly may be the small shift you need to hit your numbers every time. 

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