Unique Digital Out-​Of-​Home Campaigns Drive Ultimate Sales

BY Denise Gibson
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Out-​of-​home ads are making more of a splash than ever all across America. And it’s not just because brands that already love OOH are increasing their budgets. Brands that turned away from these ads are coming back and ones who have never bought OOH ads before are giving them a shot. But some of the most effective ads aren’t what you’d expect. There's a new type of digital out-​of-​home ad that's taking center stage and grabbing consumer attention.

Unique Digital Out-​Of-​Home Campaigns Drive Ultimate Sales

The State of Out-​Of-​Home Ads

According to recent research from OAAA, OOH ad spending now totals $2.68 billion. That’s an increase of 2.2% year-​over-​year. That percentage may seem small. However, $2.68 billion is the second highest OOH ads have ever reached, and in the midst of economic uncertainty!

Digital out-​of-​home is to thank for the majority of this spending increase. OAAA says that DOOH accounts for 33% of sales, which is an increase of 12.9% year-over-year.

That growth isn’t done yet. OAAA reports that, “MAGNA projects the out-​of-​home industry to grow 4.2% this year, proving the platform serves as an efficient, effective and engaging conduit for brands looking to earn the attention of on-​the-​go consumers in an age of distraction and digital fatigue.”

77% of the top 100 OOH advertisers are so happy with the ads’ results that they’ve increased their OOH ad spending from last year. Not only that:

  • 37% of them more than doubled their OOH ad spend
  • 13% of them increased their OOH ad spend by more than 10 times compared to last year

Those numbers show a lot of promise for your client’s chances of success with OOH ads. But with all the competition realizing this format’s benefits, how can you get your client’s ads to stand out?

New OOH Offerings

A recent article from AdAge announces that some brands are taking digital out-​of-​home advertising to the next level. They’re taking their TikTok advertisements and putting them on the big screens outside.

Using TikTok’s “Out of Phone” offering, brands can “bring their own TikTok videos onto a range of OOH screens or run ads alongside video content curated by TikTok for these digital OOH displays,” says AdAge. And it’s not just billboards. TikTok OOH ads encompass airport TVs, gas pump screens and Redbox movie kiosks. There are also plans in the works to extend the ads to pre-​show programs in movie theaters and in vehicles, as well as other locations.

Overall, there are about two billion digital OOH screens globally that can display TikTok videos.

TikTok’s Influence

Now, before you start thinking, “TikTok is for kids,” let’s squash that negativity. A previous SalesFuel blog, highlighting data from Comscore, TikTok has more than 54 million users. These users include:

  • 18- to 24-​year-​olds: 29.9% of TikTok’s users fall within this age range (that’s over 16 million people)
  • 25- to 34-​year-​olds: 24% (around 13 million people)
  • 35- to 44-​year-​olds: 18.4% (around 10 million people)
  • 45- to 54-​year-​olds: 14.6% (around 8 million people)
  • 55- to 64-​year-​olds: 9.6% (more than 5 million people)
  • Over the age of 65: 3.5% (around 2 million people)

Yeah, it has reach. Consumers of all ages enjoy TikTok videos. If you want to see just how many of your client’s target audience’s members are active on TikTok, look up their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.

That’s not even the best part. Those 54 million+ people are all highly motivated to make purchases. According to a SalesFuel blog spotlighting a Dash Hudson report, consumers who use TikTok are “looking to learn and get recommendations.” Now, with TikTok video digital out-​of-​home ads, your client can target these consumers even when they’re not using their phones.

How to Use TikTok OOH Ads

An easy way to use TikTok’s “Out of Phone” digital out-​of-​home ads is simply extending existing videos and creator-​generated content onto OOH displays. These will primarily be places on billboards.

However, your client also has the option to run their ads between collections of user-​generated videos curated by TikTok. “This video programming is tailored to the locations of the screens it’s displayed on,” reports AdAge. “For example, for its partnership with airport TV network ReachTV, TikTok created a video collection that revolved around ‘trending food, lifestyle and travel content.’” These ads will primarily be placed on gas pumps, Redbox kiosks and such.

No matter which method your client chooses to use, there will be no audio component included. That means their videos need to communicate their message without sound, just visuals and possibly words on screen.

Is your client ready to take the digital out-​of-​home market by storm?

Photo by John Cameron