A Few "Unusual" Tips for Increased Productivity

BY Jessica Helinski
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Are you struggling to get things done? If so, you may be interested in some productivity “hacks” suggested in a recent post by author and leadership expert Kevin Eikenberry. He deems his tips “unusual” because they are ones most people rarely put into action:

  • Take intentional control. First, Eikenberry points out that most people act like they have zero control over their time, instead releasing control to their clients, their boss–even the weather. But, you do have the power to take control of your time, and you can do so with simple intentional switches, such as scheduling meetings where people come to you or setting up phone conversations where you are the caller. Simple adjustments like these put you in charge and avoid wasting your time traveling or waiting on a phone call.
  • Block your time. Consciously setting aside time for a specific task can help you be more focused, which in turn leads to being more productive. Depending on what your work schedule allows, allotting an hour a day or just one time a week can do wonders. “This is the best way to make sure that you achieve important outcomes and aren’t simply working on whatever seems urgent at that moment,” Eikenberry explains.
  • Be prepared for waiting. Inevitably, there will be times you are stuck waiting–whether it be for a client or a train. Be prepared for these moments by always having something ready to do (ie., a notebook for brainstorming, a list of emails to write, etc.).

Eikenberry notes that these tips, along with the other two he suggests, only work if you are committed to action. “…productivity has to matter to you and you need to hold yourself to a high standard regarding it.”