Upsell: Easy Tips To Get Buyers To Upgrade

BY Jessica Helinski
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Not every salesperson tries to upsell. Often, they feel the customer wouldn’t be interested, or they haven’t been successful in the past and won’t try again. Not attempting an upsell though is a missed opportunity. In the special events industry, upsells can have a big impact on both sales numbers and customer satisfaction. But, unfortunately, salespeople shy away from trying. “Upscale products…are often viewed as ‘wants’; people don’t always feel that they need upgraded linens or glassware,” writes Heather Rouffe for SpecialEvents​.com. “These items are seen as luxuries, which means they require a bit more effort to sell.” And, as she explains, that effort can be completely worth it. She shares seven tips to make the effort a bit easier for salespeople.

One thing you must do when upselling is promote value. You need to persuade the buyer that they need this “extra,” explaining how it will enhance their overall experience. For example, if you’re pushing for upgraded linens for a wedding, paint a picture of how they will add extra luxury to the event, which guests will enjoy. Or, explain how they will stand out in pictures, which will be treasured for years to come. It’s up to you to showcase the value to the buyer to show why it makes sense to spend the extra money.

Another tactic is to position yourself as a knowledgeable resource. Show the buyer that you are an expert in the industry and make yourself available to them as a major information source. “It's essential to remain connected to your clients and provide them with any tools that can help them make their decisions,” Rouffe writes. They will be more likely to consider upgrade choices if they believe you are an expert and you have their best interests at heart.

Selling upgrades can be fantastic for both your revenue and your customers (it can even help establish loyalty). By putting Rouffe’s tips into actions, you’ll be able to upsell your next customers with ease.