How to Use LinkedIn to Load Your Pipeline

BY Jessica Helinski
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LinkedIn can be a treasure trove of leads for sales reps; they just have to know how to use it efficiently. With over a billion users, the social network can be used for so much more than just casual networking. Did you know that LinkedIn directs 64% of all corporate webpage visitors from social media sites? According to Pratik Dholakiya, in an article for Small Business Trends, this stat is just one reason LinkedIn can be a powerful sales channel.

Knowing how to navigate through LinkedIn and utilize its advanced settings can make the process of finding leads a much less daunting task,” Dholakiya writes. He shares four tips that reps can use to connect with the best leads for their business.

One way to unlock LinkedIn’s potential is connecting with niche groups. If you know your product or service well, this shouldn’t be difficult. Narrow your focus and join groups that include a more concentrated market. Doing so, Dholakiya believes, will lead to higher engagement and improved conversion rates. It will also help you concentrate on specific aspects of your business that will benefit these niche leads.

Another tip is to find other users already interested in your business. “Take a look at the commonly-​overlooked feature on most profiles: The ‘People Also Viewed’ section,” he suggests. “This sidebar is not just there to help you find business connections you may know.” It can also basically help you duplicate your best previous clients. Think back on those clients who really were a perfect fit for what you sell. Then, visit their LinkedIn profiles to see, based on related views, who else is in the same position. This can lead you to other users most in need of your product or service.

Dholakiya’s article can help you see LinkedIn in a new light. Follow his advice to uncover leads you might not have otherwise discovered. As he points out, “the B2B sales potential is immeasurable if you know how to properly tap into this resource.