Use Video to Effectively Connect With New Leads

BY Jessica Helinski
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Today’s salespeople have a powerful tool at their disposal that many of their predecessors didn’t have: Video. While it shouldn’t be used as your lone sales driver, video can empower your selling and give prospects the nudge they need to buy. Hope Horner, in an article for Sales and Marketing Management, encourages salespeople to use videos to “bring human connection back into [the sales] process without swapping your short sales cycle.” 

Even if video isn’t your forte, you can easily integrate it into your strategy by following her tips. In her article, she gives advice for using video, as well as the various video types that can be helpful in sales. Not sure where to even begin? Below are a few of her ideas on how to use video:

The introduction

This type of video introduces you so that your lead can put a face to the name. It strengthens the fact that you aren’t just a salesperson, you’re an actual person. “These videos work best when salespeople provide small personal details about themselves, like where they’re from, what hobbies they enjoy, or why they work for [their] company,” Horner explains. She also suggests that you add in that you’re available if the buyer has any questions. 

The demo

These videos are especially helpful if you have a product or service that can be tricky to explain or that has a use not initially apparent. Use the video to explain it, as well as showcase its initial set-​up and results. This video can also serve as a great qualifier, as the lead will likely know right away if they can use what you’re selling. 


Most likely, you get a lot of the same questions from buyers. Why not compile them into an informative video? You can get a lot of the initial back-​and-​forth asking out of the way while establishing you as a credible expert. 

These, along with the other video types, may inspire you to venture outside of your comfort zone and reach out to prospects in a new way. Video is very powerful, giving you the opportunity to make an instant connection, so why not give it a try? As Horner writes, “So much of sales technology has removed the human element between salespeople and their leads…bring that relationship back and watch your sales soar.”