Are You Using These Famous Quotes for Inspiration?

BY Jessica Helinski
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For simply being a few words thrown together, quotes can be powerful motivators for salespeople. Many reps adopt a favorite quote as their mantra, while others have coffee cups or office posters with motivational quotes emblazoned on them. Just why are quotes so powerful? This is the question posed by Mary Ann McLaughlin in an article for Printing Impressions. She believes there are many reasons: “They [Quotes] can instantly recall memories of a time or situation that represent exactly what the quote means,” she writes. “It can snap you to attention, remind you of your goals, or light a fire inside of you. That is why they are so powerful.”

McLaughlin shares several quotes that she believes can greatly benefit salespeople. Each quote is thought-​provoking and may inspire you to look at things in a different light.

Below are two highlights:

A customer objection is merely a request for more information”

Have you ever considered objections from this perspective? Likely not. This quote repositions objections as opportunities. This in turn helps remove the fear of hearing “no” that might hold some reps back. Use an objection to create a more valuable dialogue with the prospect, build a relationship and hopefully, make a sale.

Would your customer pay for your sales call?”

Have you ever considered what your sales calls would be worth in dollars? You should. “Successful salespeople have figured out how to add so much value with every conversation, that their customers would be willing to pay them just for the insights they bring,” McLaughlin writes. Each time you pick up the phone, think about if and how you are bringing value to the prospect. This helps you break through the noise of other vendors and stand out as an expert — and someone who the prospect needs.

These are just two of the quotes McLaughlin discusses in her article; did they inspire any new way of thinking? Do you have any favorites that echo the same sentiments? Check out her other quotes and consider how they align with your current sales strategy. Hopefully, they can boost your motivation and give you a fresh perspective on selling.