Using Remote Networking During Social Distancing

BY Rachel Cagle
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Networking is a major and essential foot in the door for salespeople, whether it’s finding prospects or connecting with other businesspeople who can introduce them to potential clients. However, the COVID-​19 outbreak has forced all networking events to either be cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Now, salespeople have to rely on remote networking.

Remote work can often throw salespeople off their networking game,” says Jay Fuchs, writing for HubSpot. “Still, though the process might be tougher to navigate, networking remotely shouldn't be all that imposing. There are some strategies salespeople can employ to make the practice as smooth and simple as possible.” Here are a few remote networking tactics Fuchs recommends.

Create Content

Fuchs says that nowadays, “If you can’t be charming in person, you’d better be helpful online.” You can do this by creating content online that is useful to both your current and potential clients. Provide your professional insight into your focus industry. Give advice that’s relevant to others in your field. By publishing content such as this, you’re establishing yourself as a thought leader, says Fuchs. Readers will reach out to you with questions and conversation about your writing, and some of them may be potential clients. If you need help forming a following at the beginning of these efforts, Fuch recommends sharing related content in your feed. That person may have an already established following and return the favor down the road when you have content that’s worth sharing. Then their followers will also take an interest in you. Easy remote networking.

Be Proactive in Forums and Social Media Hubs

By being active on forums, you’re making yourself available to others who use them. You can establish yourself as an expert in your field by answering questions and offering advice in forums related to your industry. “People who use those forums will look to you for insight and want to connect with you as a result,” says Fuchs. Another remote networking tactic is to join social media groups and use hashtags that will generate attention from other professionals in your field. You can start conversations with others in your field who may have a list of leads that are ripe to be shared.