Using Video In Social Selling Pays Off For Sellers

BY Jessica Helinski
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Using video in social selling can boost engagement across social networks. Thanks to the shareability of video, and the continued use of social, combining the two is a smart choice.

It should be an essential part of everyone’s social selling strategy,” advises Erin Pennings for HubSpot.

Video In Social Selling Works

Both social media and video continue to be an effective way to engage with buyers. From prospecting to building rapport, social networks offer great opportunities. 

When researching vendors, buyers often turn to social media to research and learn more about them. Specifically, nearly a quarter seek out videos on social media as resources, according to SalesFuel research

And 17% say that a seller actually increased their consideration in their offerings by engaging with the buyer on social media. 

Pennings cites other research that also supports the use of video. 

89% of people have bought products or services after watching a video,” she shares. 

And, Sell With Social points out, “videos allow viewers to see and hear from you, fostering a stronger personal connection.”

These insights show that both video and social media are important resources for today’s buyers and should be utilized. 

Types of Videos

There are a variety of ways sellers can use video in social selling. Pennings highlights the three categories:

  • Live 
  • Prerecorded 
  • Produced 

Ultimately the seller’s own schedule, audience and comfort level will determine which to use. But Pennings does suggest that sellers consider limiting the use of produced video. 

She explains that the major appeal of social sales videos is the sense of authenticity they deliver. But produced videos can “take away from the ‘real’ factor.” A polished, professional and formal produced video doesn’t come across as personal as the others. 

Determine A Frequency

Sellers will also need to decide how often they want to post videos. Their choice of category will impact this decision, as well as their schedules. Additionally, their content length and goals should be considered. Pennings recommends asking yourself: 

  • Do you always want to post long-​form videos that run at least 15 minutes? 
  • Would you rather post short videos?
  • Are you looking for rapid growth? 
  • Are you looking to build your pipeline?

It’s important to answer these questions to help guide your strategy. Note that generally, as SalesFuel reports, viewers tend to engage more with videos with a shorter run time:

  • 66% of consumers will finish videos that are less than one minute long
  • 56% will watch a full video that’s between one and two minutes long
  • 50% will completely watch a video between two and 10 minutes long
  • 39% will finish a video that’s between 10 and 20 minutes long
  • 22% will hold out to finish videos that are longer than 20 minutes

Who Do You Want To Reach?

Video in social selling can have as much of a reach as you want. You may want to create video content that appeals to multiple people. These videos are often posted on a seller’s own profile or shared within a group. 

You can also create hyper-​personal videos that are only shared to one person or a specific group at a company. These are likely shared privately through messaging options within the social network. 

Pennings urges sellers to note that more personal videos can be especially effective at creating deeper connections with others.

These personalized videos are the next best thing to face-​to-​face sales,” she writes. 

These are just a few of the considerations to take into account when using video in social selling. Determining these details will help you optimize your strategy, meet your goals and ensure your videos have the desired impact. 

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