Utilizing Search for New AND Repeat Customers (Yes, There's a Difference)

BY Rachel Cagle
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You may think that the consumers who benefit most from your clients’ search efforts are new customers. However, search efforts are just as important to repeat customers, says Greg Sterling, writing for Search Engine Land. Companies need to target both types of customers using search, but each of these customer groups needs to find different pages.

Repeat Customers

When a customer is already familiar with the company, but may not know the website’s URL, they’ll perform a search. These customers are looking for the business’ brand website, which 48% consider the most trusted source of information on the brand. Repeat customers also view brand websites as a place to get all the information they need (57%) and the place to find accurate information (49%). These customers already know what information they’re looking for, specifically, and they know they’ll find it on the brand site. When repeat customers are searching for your client by name,  you’ll want to make sure the client’s website is easily found in the results.

New Customers

On the other hand, new customers aren’t as likely to head to a business’ website first when they’re in the discover phase. They’re looking for third-​party sites (such as social media pages and directories) to find information to help sway their buying decisions. “Consumers visit search and third-​party directories for ‘objective information,’ to compare providers, explore reviews, find deals, location and contact data,” says Sterling. So, new customer traffic will likely be directed to the brand’s website from third-​party sites.

This can be a problem for businesses since many put more effort into maintaining their own websites than their information on third-​party sites. If potential customers find inaccurate information on a third-​party site, 28% won’t make a purchase from that company and 26% are likely to share their negative experience, says Sterling. So, your clients need to make sure they’re maintaining their internet presence everywhere, not just on their sites, if they’re hoping to gain new customers.

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