Veteran AE Closes $200,000 Blood Bank Ad Campaign with AudienceSCAN Data

BY Adam Ambro
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Sara Willenborg has been selling media for seven years, and for five of those years, has trusted AdMall to be her go-​to source for research for closing sales. Her trust came to fruition in a big way when she approached a local blood bank.

The [blood bank] client was looking for research and guidance on their audience of donors to know how to best reach them in four very different markets across the country,” said Willenborg. “Their overall goal was to build up their donor pool, and also change their brand's perception and awareness levels due to a rebrand. The client is very savvy when it comes to the blood donor industry, and marketing strategies, which made it great for deeper conversation when strategizing together.”

This is where AdMall came into play.

AdMall provided direction on where to shift marketing dollars first, where they should prioritize their message to ensure it was reaching the right type of audience,” said Willenborg. “There are so many platforms that can offer great lead gen and brand awareness, but finding the best places to start to build a strong foundation is what we were trying to provide as we strategized with the client. Our company uses many different sources to narrow in on our research, but AdMall had much more information specific to blood banks and plasma centers that allowed us to provide distinct stats to media usage on all platforms.”

Because we were able to show this supporting research, [the blood bank] signed on for a test campaign totaling $203,400, giving them a strong campaign supported by a mix of digital solutions,” said WIllenborg. “This included YouTube, and display, with hopes of adding branded content, OTT, and social in the future.”

The research built a stronger rapport with our client, and is helping us build a more trustworthy relationship as they give this campaign a test. I have since heard that they are increasing their spend due to great results thus far in the campaign, bringing them up to almost a $30K monthly budget.”