Video! AE Travels The World of Co-​op to Connect with Bike Shop

BY Kathy Crosett
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This month's Sell Smarter! Award Video features Matt Centner of Comcast Spotlight.

Hi.  I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at SalesFuel, we welcome you to this month’s featured Sell SMARTER Award — where we honor excellence in media sales.

Matt Centner’s Yamaha Motorsports dealer account had been around the block – since 1975, to be exact – and historically did NOT invest much in local advertising. But the Comcast Spotlight A‑E wanted to see the dealer’s business grow. The dealer is located in Comcast’s Pueblo zone, which is just one small part of the much larger Colorado Springs D‑M-​A. The dealership is small — but intensely competitive for bike shops. Centner had already built a strong consultative relationship with the GM, so he knew competition was the biggest pain point. Centner explained there are three other motorcycle dealerships in Pueblo alone and they’re only forty-​five minutes away from Colorado Spring, the largest metro area in the DMA  — which has many motorcycle and ATV dealerships. By utilizing AdMall’sco-op database and the Limited Time Offers, Centner found information about Yamaha’s "Get Out and Ride Sales Event.” The co-​op promotion reimbursed 60% of spending for dealers advertising the “Get Out and Ride” sales promotion. “Creative was available and we were able to place the dealer tag to localize the commercial,” Centner said. “[It’s a] simple process for the client to be able to use available co-​op funds for local brand awareness and exposure for his Yamaha line”, he added. Centner put together a schedule using targeted CABLE networks reaching those who own motorcycles or ATVs and motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts in the Pueblo zone. He presented it to the GM and he agreed to run a nearly $6,000 dollar campaign in the ONE zone to close out second quarter! Centner said the dealership raised brand awareness with the campaign, and sales associates reported some customers even mentioned see the commercials.

Congratulations to Matt, along with the other quarterly Sell Smarter Award recipients:

  • Jessica Davis of Spectrum Reach
  • Dawn Bell of the Daily Messenger
  • Brandon Miles of WBKO-TV
  • Chris Carter of Suddenlink Media/​Altice USA
  • Rebecca Lambert of KFVS/​WQWQ-​TV
  • Leanne Dedow of Spectrum Reach
  • Tiffany Coates of The McDowell News

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