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BY Courtney Huckabay
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Hello there, and WELCOME to the December 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


After a year where TRADITIONAL media struggled to show an increase, the local ad market looks BRIGHTER for 2018. Borrell Associates is basing its prediction of a 7.6 percent INCREASE in next year’s local ad market on research it conducted THIS SUMMER.

The BIGGEST winner will likely be DIGITAL again, with a nearly SEVENTEEN percent growth rate over THIS year. On average, about TWENTY-​SIX percent of local marketers’ ad budgets are currently going to digital advertising. Local businesses said they allocate about SIX percent of REVENUE to their advertising efforts. SIXTY percent of those surveyed have TWENTY-​FIVE or fewer employees. And over HALF graded themselves as ‘NOVICE’ when it comes to understanding marketing —  an indication that many WANT to hear what their media sales reps have to say.

This is a great OPPORTUNITY to talk with your clients about how they’ll allocate their advertising budgets for 2018.


Blog posts can add CREDIBILITY to an organization by establishing them as thought leaders and experts in their industry. Check out the latest recommendations about how to optimize blog content for YOUR clients.

Blog Post Length
An Orbit Media study reports bloggers are putting up articles that are LONGER than in recent years – now exceeding 1,000 words. Not surprisingly, the amount of TIME needed to CREATE a post has increased, TOO.

Blog Post Frequency
Because of lengthy articles, forty-​five percent of bloggers believe that a WEEKLY post is SUFFICIENT. Spending more time on each post allowed them to produce QUALITY work that’s more VALUABLE to their readers. Becoming experts in NARROW niches will distinguish from competitors.

Title LENGTH affects sharing. A Venngage analysis of over 121,000 posts points out that those with TEN words in the titles were shared MORE on social media. The SECOND most popular title length was FIVE words. It might be time to talk with your clients about the digital marketing services YOU provide. Explain how you’ll stay CURRENT with the latest trends, to be SURE their blog content is SHARED and delivers a SOLID ROI.


Hate asking for REFERRALS? Despite being an incredibly valuable way to gain new business, many reps still shy away from doing so. Marc Wayshak, in a recent Entrepreneur article, shares how reps can grow their sales through REFERRALS — WITHOUT the discomfort of asking outright.

Simply requesting introductions can do WONDERS for LEAD generation. Ask a client to introduce you to someone who could BENEFIT from your business.

Devote 15 minutes
Each day, set aside fifteen minutes to ask for ONE introduction. Brainstorm a list of those who CAN introduce you  — clients, prospects, family members, friends, etc. Soon, this daily task will become a HABIT. And, those introductions will QUICKLY add up. You’ll gain FIVE new introductions every WEEK, ultimately leading to 250 introductions every year. For reps who DREAD directly asking for referrals, this helps them grow business by referrals in a MORE COMFORTABLE way. Don’t miss the opportunity to keep your PIPELINE FULL and TRANSFORM your business through introductions.

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