Voice and Mobile Expected to Drive Search This Holiday Season

BY Rachel Cagle
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iProspect’s Paid Search Trends Quarterly Report for Q3 2017 gives paid search advertisers some insight into 2017’s trends and what to expect for the remainder of the year.

This holiday season, iProspect expects a 16.6% increase in ecommerce sales. It also predicts that mobile will have a significant role in driving these sales. These expectations are likely to drive both Google and Bing’s CPC in addition to the existing increase based on user trends.

Mobile CPC dominated Google’s click majority in Q3 2017, making up 61.9% of overall search and shopping clicks. This is an 8.9% increase from Q3 2016. On the other hand, Google’s overall clicks have decreased on both desktop and tablet. Desktop fell 5.4% to encompass 30.6% of clicks, and tablet clicks decreased 3.5% to make up only 7.5% of clicks.

While desktop makes up a majority of Bing’s overall clicks at 68.2%, it has also fallen 6.4% because of mobile clicks’ increasing popularity. Through Bing, mobile clicks rose 6.7% to make up 24.1% of Bing’s overall clicks while tablets remained fairly stagnant at 7.7% of overall clicks. According to iProspect, it’s likely that Bing’s mobile activity is second to desktop because the default search engines set on mobile products are more likely to direct users to Google.

Adding to iProspect’s expectations for mobile, it also recommends that paid search advertisers take advantage of consumers’ increasing reliance on voice searching. 67% of consumers who utilize voice search admit to using this technology to compare prices as well as shop, according to a Toluna survey. Based on this survey, iProspect suggests that advertisers edit their keywords to include question-​based words (who, what, where, etc…) as well as, “near me,” which is an exceedingly popular voice search phrase.

The holidays are right around the corner, make sure your clients are prepared! Inform your paid search clients of CPC’s active shift to mobile, as well as consumer’s increasing reliance on voice searches.