Sales Call Voicemail Messages That Will Get a Call Back

BY Jessica Helinski
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Voicemail … is it where deals go to die? Maybe not if you know how to leave the right sales call voicemail message. “A thoughtful, targeted voicemail can be just what you need to reinvigorate conversations and get deals moving again,” writes Megan Prater in a HubSpot article. The more thought you put into voicemail messages, the more likely the prospective customer will respond to you. She encourages sales reps to go beyond the usual “just touching base” message, and she shares seven other message suggestions to try instead.

Sales Call Voicemail Messages That Will Get a Call Back

Next time we talk, you’ll have to tell me more about X.”

This sales call voicemail message makes it clear that you expect a future conversation with the prospective client. And, it shows that you have an interest in what he or she has to say about a certain subject. Leaving a message containing this sentence helps you communicate that you would like to talk to the prospect again without being too pushy or sales‑y. If you say bluntly that you expect the prospect to call you back, you might intimidate them into never calling back again.

I know we ran out of time, but I’d love to continue this conversation [insert date].”

This is the perfect sales call voicemail message line for those prospects who you have not heard from in a while. This statement encourages the prospect to set a date for the next communique. “This is a direct and persuasive way of asking for a follow-​up meeting,” Prater explains. “Your prospect is more likely to agree to discussing their pain points further …” While this is a direct way to ask for another meeting, it makes it more of a gentle request than a burden on the prospect. It points out that you know their time is valuable (hence running out of it earlier), but that you also believe that you have more to say that will be worth their time if they return your call. It also helps avoid the back and forth of trying to decide on a date by offering one upfront. If the date doesn't work for the prospect, ask them to suggest another day and time to talk.

I just sent you an article and I’d love to hear what you think about it.”

Use this sales call voicemail message line only with engaged, interested prospective customers. It gives the opportunity to position yourself as knowledgeable about the prospect's business by offering them information they may not have known. And, this line also shows that you are invested in helping their business, even before they have agreed to a sale with you. Leave it for a prospect with whom you already have a meeting scheduled (this provides incentive to show up). Or, use this message as “the ask” for a next meeting.

These are just three examples of effective sales call voicemail messages shared by Prater. Her advice can help you leave more engaging voicemails that will build rapport, pique interest AND encourage a call back.