Warning: Do Not Leave Latinx Out of Your Client's Next Campaign

BY Rachel Cagle
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Latinix make up almost one fifth of the entire U.S. population, according to a study by Nielsen, and this demographic is only growing in size. Not only that, the median age of Latinix consumers is 28, and this group has made up 75% of labor force growth across the country within the last six years. It’s safe to say that if your clients aren’t including Latinix in their target demographic, they’re missing out on some prime customers.

Latinix of all ages are tech-​savvy on both mobile and digital media. 97% of the Hispanic population owns a smartphone (5% more than Americans as a whole). They also own computers (72%), tablets (63%), video game consoles (54%) and internet-​connected devices (42%).

Weekly time spent on each device:

  • Internet on a Computer: Six hours and 36 minutes
    • Social Networking: One hour and 53 minutes
    • Video: Two hours and 55 minutes
  • App/​Web on a Smartphone: 27 hours and 11 minutes
    • Video-​Focused App/​Web: Three hours and 21 minutes
    • Streaming Audio: One hour and one minute
    • Social Networking: Seven hours and 42 minutes
  • App/​Web on a Tablet: 12 hours and 26 minutes
    • Video-​Focused App/​Web: Three hours and 54 minutes
    • Streaming Audio: 32 minutes
    • Social Networking: Two hours and 23 minutes

Additionally, they’re more likely than others to use social media to research potential purchases and more likely to share their experiences, both positive and negative, on social media. They’re also 29% more likely to find mobile ads useful and 23% more likely to say that mobile ads are specifically useful in finding bargains.

That’s not to say traditional advertisements can’t also prove useful. On a weekly basis, Latinix spend roughly 29 hours and 28 minutes watching TV and 12 hours and 52 minutes listening to the radio. Overall, their favorite TV show genres are participation variety (including reality shows) and award ceremonies.

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