Water Treatment Systems Providers to Promote Replacements

BY Rachel Cagle
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"More than four out of ten Americans use home water treatment units, and while these units can last for years, today's technology advancements allow systems to better address changes in water quality, provide more efficiency and are more cost effective. Culligan International aims to educate homeowners on how to determine when to upgrade their water treatment system."

"All water treatment units require maintenance, with most manufacturers providing recommendations for upkeep and replacement. While these recommendations serve as a good baseline, Culligan suggests homeowners look for these signs that their water treatment units may need upgrading:

  • Changes in Taste and Smell. Water filtration systems are designed to remove contaminants and foul odors found in drinking water. A sudden change in the taste, smell or clarity of your water could indicate that the contaminants the system is designed to remove are still present. With a new filtration system, this could just mean the filter needs replacing, but a full upgrade may be needed with an older unit.
  • Mineral Build-​up. Water softener systems remove minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which can leave deposits on dishes and plumbing fixtures. If your home's water softener is not working properly, you may notice mineral deposits, stains or a white film on bathroom fixtures, dishes and sinks. In addition, minerals can clog showerheads and appliances. It makes soap and detergent less effective, leaving clothing looking dingy and wearing more easily. 
  • Dry Hair and Skin. It also may be time for a water softener upgrade if you notice changes in your skin and hair. Showering or bathing in hard water can leave a film of soap on your skin. This can prevent the removal of dirt and bacteria and also irritate the skin. Washing your hair in hard water can cause build-​up that makes it tangle more easily, look dull and feel rough.
  • Noise. Your water treatment unit may be literally telling you it's time for an upgrade. If your unit starts making laboring sounds, it's a good indication that a repair or upgrade is necessary. Homeowners should have their unit evaluated by a professional who can determine the proper steps to fix or replace the unit."

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