Waterproof Speakers are a Must-​Have in the Summer

BY Rachel Cagle
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"It’s a no-​brainer that food tastes better alfresco, but the decision to take music outdoors is a little more complex, says Consumer Reports. Your house has traditionally been your wireless speaker’s best friend, protecting it from the elements and providing enough sonic support and noise isolation (i.e., walls) to let it sound its best."

"But many of today’s wireless Bluetooth speakers are ready to take on the challenge of the great outdoors. They provide good battery life and generate enough volume to fuel an impromptu dance party. And the speakers in this roundup add some degree of water resistance, so they can be played in a summer drizzle. A few can even handle a trip to the splash zone on a pool deck or the beach."

Music Streaming Service Subscribers are 69% more likely than others to plan on purchasing new stereo equipment in the next year, according to AudienceSCAN. They’ll make a great market for waterproof speaker sellers. However, it's their current speakers that can influence them to upgrade just in time for summer outings. Last year, 50% of these shoppers took action after hearing ads on both over-​the-​air and digital radio. 

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