What Marketers Are Doing to Avoid Category Disruption

BY Kathy Crosett
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If your clients are like most businesses these days, they fear category disruption. Who can blame them? Unique applications of tech-​based solutions have turned healthy revenue streams into a trickle for many long-​standing businesses. Is there anything your clients can do to avoid this fate?

Unique Products

According to WARC’s 2019 Marketer’s Toolkit, 51% of surveyed brands fear category disruption. To preserve and grow business, your clients need to take specific action. One noticeable trend from 2018 is likely to grow this year. That trend is about digital native brands that sell their unique products directly to consumers. These businesses don’t have to worry about working with channel or retail partners to get their products into the hands of consumers. And, they don’t have to worry about partners selling products at less than minimum advertised price (MAP) and devaluing the brand. However, they do need help marketing their products to their target audiences.

Search Marketing

Digital native brands may be most likely to spend their ad money on digital formats, but they won’t be alone. Marketers across the board will boost digital ad spending. Specifically, we can expect a jump in search budgets in 2019. That growth will partially be fueled by interest in voice-​optimized search. In fact, 40% of marketers are making voice-​optimized search a high priority this year. The marketers and agencies who participated in WARC’s survey also report that they’ll spend even more money on video and mobile advertising in the next 12 months. Marketers noted a strong interest in short-​format video advertising. And while they like Instagram and YouTube, they may not increase their spending on Snapchat in 2019.

WARC analysts also indicate that traditional media remains an area of interest for marketers. To win in this sector, media sales reps must emphasize that they are offering brand safety. Brands that are concerned about quality can be sold on traditional media formats.

As you consider the best way to help your clients develop ad campaigns and ad spending plans, take their priorities into account. While these businesses fear category disruption, ensuring consumer trust is among the top three goals for forty-​two percent. And for 13%, the top challenges are to build a purposeful brand and to build a culture of marketing effectiveness.

Search marketing will play an important role in achieving brand goals in 2019. Check out the Digital Audit for any of your marketers and you can determine which audiences are using specific search sites. The Digital Audit is available at AdMall from SalesFuel​.com.