What NOT To Do In Sales

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sales articles typically dole out “to-​do” tips to reps hoping to close more deals. But, what should reps NOT do if they want to make sales? That’s the angle of a recent article by Sales Hacker contributor Manish Nepal. “One of the reasons why B2B sales is so complicated is because of the many blind spots it involves that can ambush sales deals,” he explains. He details seven different things that salespeople shouldn’t do if they want to make a sale. Below are a few highlights:

Not asking tough questions. Yeah, hitting up prospects with hard questions isn’t fun for either of you. But, doing so is necessary if you want to truly get to know the prospect. Nepal suggest cutting to the chase and asking questions like:

  • How badly do you need a product like mine?
  • What are you trying to solve?
  • What are your expectations of my product/​service?
  • Do you have a set budget and timeline?
  • Who makes the final call?

There’s no point following a generic script or rattling off trivial questions. By immediately uncovering the need-​to-​know information, you keep the sales process moving.

Rushing prospects. Yes, it’s important to create a sense of urgency. No, it’s not ok to call, email, text, and direct message a prospect incessantly. Instead of focusing on “following up,” consider nurturing. “Try to understand what your leads are looking for,” Nepal suggest. “If your product matches their expectations, add value to their research and offer them resources. This way, your follow up becomes persistent but polite and doesn’t come across as annoying.”

Limiting selling to phone calls and emails. Today’s reps have so many communication tools right at their fingertips. Consider using these tools for a faster and more efficient way to send messages. “ …you can give them an integrated customer experience by creating a truly omnichannel sales funnel,” he writes. “This might include their interactions with your website, live chat agents, product marketers at a business event, online ads, social media pages etc.”

Nepal’s entire article gives excellent advice on what reps should not do in today’s sales world. Knowing potential pitfalls can ensure you don’t waste time, money and energy, or commit deal-​ending mistakes.