What Value Proposition Are You Offering Your Sales Rep Candidates?

BY Kathy Crosett
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The start of any new calendar year gets managers thinking about what they’d like to focus on or change. For many managers, the start of September serves as another key time. They reflect on how well the plan they made at the start of the year is going and on making necessary adjustments. Scott Collins, a vice president and team manager at Gartner, covers this topic in his recent SellingPower blog post. As a manager, you may want to check one key priority — the value proposition you’re offering candidates for open positions.

Sales Talent Recruiting

Gartner lists five “critical priorities” that sales managers said they planned to address this year. The fourth priority, sales talent management, caught my eye. By now, you’ve likely suffered some attrition in 2019. In this highly charged economy, sales reps are being lured away from current employers. That leaves you faced with the prospect of trying to hire new talent.

Before You Begin the Search

Before you begin your search, take a look at the job description you usually use. Has it been a while since you updated it? Have you thought about why sales reps left and what you can do to restructure the position or compensation to ensure that your next rep stays with you a little longer? Make the position sound as appealing as possible to attract viable candidates.

What to Say During the Interview

Your organization is likely focused on discussing the value proposition of your product or service to prospective clients. Maybe you have new features that your competitors lack. Or, you might have an outstanding customer service department that is ready to act at a moment’s notice.

As a sales manager, what do you have to offer prospective hires that other hiring organizations lack? Younger employees are especially interested in feedback. They want coaching to improve their sales skills. Do you have a system in place for that kind of feedback? Do all of your new hires get one-​on-​one coaching on a regular basis? If so, describe the process in the interview.

As a sales manager, you understand how to sell. Use those skills to recruit the best talent that you can.