What Your Clients Are Missing About Mobile Game Advertising

BY Kathy Crosett
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We are a nation of game players, especially on our mobile devices. Marketers are spending huge sums to reach consumers through mobile games. Do your clients know the rules for playing in this advertising arena?

Mobile Game Advertising

The Data

As consumers engage more with their phones, marketers are relying on apps to “attract high quality app users and foster long term, multi-​channel connections with them,” says Jillian Gogel at AppsFlyer.

Non-​organic installs are downloads that happen as a result of any type of marketing activity — paid or owned.” These installs are on the rise, according to AppsFlyer research. Organic installs occur when a user discovers an app on their own, without any marketer involvement, and then downloads said mobile app.

Between 2018 and 2019, the number of non-​organic app installs will grow from 4.2 billion to 5.0 billion. And in, 2020, North American consumers will engage in 5.7 billion of these non-​organic app installs. The associated ad spending on these non-​organic app installs will rise from $8.8 billion to $12.9 billion in North America.

Major App Categories

These days, consumers take their games with them. AppsFlyer data indicates that 40% of non-​organic app installs relate to mobile games. Welby Chen, writing for AdWeek, pointed out that “78 percent of smartphone users use game apps daily, logging an average of six and a half hours a week.” And we are not just talking about younger consumers or boys/​men. In fact, more than half of gamers are female, and about 33% are age 45 or older. Your clients need to understand that they should be advertising in-​app as well as on the mobile web to capture the attention of their mobile gamer target audience.

Consumers are also using apps to check out and buy products. Shopping apps will be another big category for growth in the next year or two. Your clients should be tweaking their own apps to ensure maximum engagement. And, they might want to consider promoting their products on apps that serve as digital malls. 

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