What's the Best Way to Target TV Watchers with Ads?

BY Rachel Cagle
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It’s no secret that more of the world seems to be turning their heads down to their phones with each passing day. However, did you know that, at the same time, more people are watching over-​the-​air TV? According to a report from Nielsen, there are 16 million over-​the-​air TV homes in the U.S. But not all of them are the same.

Mix and Match

For starters, just because over-​the-​air TV is still popular doesn’t mean that it’s the sole way Americans watch TV. Many cable or satellite subscribers also pay for other forms of video, such as subscription video-​on-​demand (SVOD) streaming services. Specifically, 59% of homes viewing over-​the-​air TV are SVOD subscribers. According to AudienceSCAN, overall, 53.4% of Streaming Video Service Subscribers use Netflix, 33.7% subscribe to Amazon Prime, 21.3% regularly watch Hulu and 16.9% are HBO subscribers.

There is also another viewing segment that has begun to win over TV viewers: virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPD). According to Nielsen, vMVPDs rely on internet connections to broadcast content. “Consumers who supplement their OTA viewing with ‘skinny bundles’ from vMVPD services can stream programs to their smart TVs and mobile devices,” says Nielsen. Approximately 1.3 million households throughout the country utilize vMVPDs.

The point is, traditional TV is not nearly dead. However, traditional TV advertisers should consider buying advertising on a wider range of video services s. Your clients will have more of a chance of reaching consumers if they purchase ads on SVOD and vMVPD services.

Online video shouldn’t be overlooked either. In the past six months, 50.9% of American adults have watched online and streamed videos and 20% have looked up TV commercials on YouTube. If you’re going to advise your clients to branch out on video ads, you may as well cover all your bases. More information on numerous types of TV watchers, as well as Online Video Watchers and Streaming Video Service Subscribers can be found in AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.