When is the Perfect Time to Have a New Company Logo?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Your clients use logos to make an impression on customers and prospects. The visual elements in the company logo communicate through colors, shapes, and sometimes words. Some organizations use the same one for decades. Other companies update it because they have made significant changes to the products and services they offer.

A perfect opportunity for a new logo is when a company has changed its direction and core offerings. What better time to consider it than when there are changes to reflect? Fresh focus on a corporate logo also happens when your client realizes what they are using isn’t as appropriate as they first thought.

In a previous blog post, we mentioned a case of an overly detailed logo for a funeral home. No one wants to see a logo with death-​related images, such as coffins or tombstones, when they're already mourning the loss of a loved one. 

Company logos for need-​based businesses like this should be refined and minimalistic, focusing on fonts instead of highly detailed images. Well-​thought-​out and designed logos can increase a company's sales and brand loyalty among old and new customers.

Tips for Redesigning Logos

There are a few tips companies redesigning their logos should keep in mind. Some brands that redesigned their logos last year flopped while others’ redesigns were well-​received. Kia introduced a new logo in black and white block letters in 2022. Unfortunately, many consumers didn’t understand it and weren’t sure what the letters spelled.

Buick had a more successful transition to a new company logo. The company’s previous logo included three shields – red, white, and blue – inside a circle. On the update, it simply presents three shields in black and white. Analysts said the new Buick logo “drives the brand forward to an electric future.” 

The familiar shields allowed consumers to make a connection between the old and new logos. And the analysts make an important point about when to create a new logo. As the auto industry adjusts to selling more electric vehicles, the manufacturers have the perfect opportunity to refresh the image they want to present for a profitable and expanding future.

Finding New Company Logos

Once your clients have decided to develop a new logo, they should establish goals. Adobe analysts suggest defining what the business is trying to communicate. Do they want to appear modern and edgy? Do they want to appeal to Gen Z shoppers?

In addition, your clients should consider the colors and fonts that work best for the message they want to send. For example, Looka analysts report that green works well for businesses that want “to give off a cool, calm, and collected appearance.” Looka also points out that modern fonts “are usually sans serif. Bodoni, Helvetica, and Futura are all particularly appealing to businesses in 2023.

When should your client consider a new company logo? Perhaps you should ask if they have thought about how their customers are interacting with their brand. According to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel, 31% of U.S. adults identify as M‑commerce Shoppers. And 16% call themselves Environmental Cause Supporters. 

By looking up your client’s target audience profiles on AudienceSCAN, you can discover how each audience interacts with brands, as well as what motivates them to make purchases (such as wanting to make purchases that help them feel bold, relaxed, free, etc.). That information can assist in swaying a client considering a new company logo design and, as a result, aid in boosting the client’s sales.