Where Mobile Advertisers will be Placing Their Ads

BY Rachel Cagle
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Mobile ads amount to more than text search and search. These ads cover a range of styles to target consumers on the devices they always have on hand. And now, many mobile advertisers are beginning to set their eyes on more contextual placements for their mobile ads. “Particularly,” according to a report by Advertiser Perceptions, “across gaming and kid-​themed content and apps.”

The Future of Mobile Advertisers’ Content

The pandemic drove more consumers to look for increased amounts of entertainment wherever they could. One of the obvious choices was their smartphones. While this presents opportunities for mobile advertisers to gain visibility for their ads, it’s also a hindrance. Most advertisers decided to increase their mobile ad output during the pandemic. So, the more a consumer is on their smartphones, the more ads they’re seeing everywhere they go online.

That’s why, “70% of advertisers say context is more important now,” writes Advertising Perceptions. Not only do mobile advertisers need to make sure the content of their mobile ads stands out from that of competitors, they also need to find placements that aren’t overcrowded with ads and are prime locations of visibility for their target audiences.

Where Mobile Ads are Shifting to

So, where are those mobile locations? “Most notably,” writes Advertising Perceptions, “53% of advertisers will spend more in gaming and 51% will spend more in kids’ programming.” If these mobile advertisers want their ads to stand out, they’ve picked the right strategy. Within the last six months, “only 36% of advertisers invested in games and only 15% sponsored kids’ programming.”

Gaming and kids’ programming are also areas that have seen an uptick in consumer traffic thanks to the pandemic. More consumers are playing mobile games to pass the time. And with more kids still home from school, daycare, afterschool sports and programs, and their other usual activities, they’ve also needed new ways to spend their free time (and give their parents a break from having to constantly entertain them). Hence, more children are also spending more time on apps and other mobile content geared toward them.

Mobile advertisers also plan to increase their spending in:

  • Entertainment: 48%
  • Navigation: 46%
  • Lifestyle: 43%
  • News: 39%
  • Sports: 39%

What Types of Ads They’re Buying

Mobile advertisers are also adjusting the types of mobile ads they’ll be using going forward. They plan on increasing their spending for:

  • Podcast Ads: 57%
  • eCommerce Ads: 50%
  • Video Ads: 49%
  • Social Media Ads: 47%
  • Search Ads: 47%
  • Playable Ads: 40%
  • Game Apps/​In-​Game Ads: 40%

But, as mobile advertisers should know, one size does not fit all for each client. These may be the primary areas of interest for advertisers in general, but you should always research which types of mobile ads have worked for your clients in the past. To find out which types of mobile ads have driven the largest percentage of your client’s target audience to take action, check out their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.