Where TV Advertisers Should be Placing Ads

BY Rachel Cagle
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Consumers are no longer turning to only one form of TV to meet their needs. With all the video services available to the public now, TV advertisers have to stay on top of viewing trends in order to get their ads viewed.

According to TiVo’s Video Trends Report, 52.7% of consumers say that Netflix is an essential source of their entertainment, and 45.9% said the same thing about free YouTube videos. Those are the only two video sources that respondents viewed as more essential than supplemental. Cable TV is right on the dividing line, with 39.5% of consumers viewing it as essential and 41.1% calling it a supplemental part of their video consumption. That outweighs satellite TV, which only 27.9% of respondents found essential and 39.2% considered supplemental.


Even though Netflix is viewed as the most essential viewing source for the most people, TV advertisers shouldn’t be too transfixed by monthly OTT/​SVOD providers. TiVo says that 30.7% of consumers still don’t use any OTT or SVOD services. Of the 69.3% who do, 50.4% use Netflix and then the percentages plummet to 21.8% for Amazon Prime Video. And the 10 other OTT and SVOD services included in the survey fall between 11.9% and 3.2 percent.

Luckily, Netflix is part of some of the most popular TV service bundles. According to TiVo, 10.6% of consumers bundle Netflix with Prime Video and Pay-​TV; 7.5% bundle Netflix with YouTube and Pay-​TV and 6.3% bundle Netflix and YouTube TV with Pay-​TV. Pay-​TV is included in 80% of the primary viewing bundles consumers report using.

Live TV

In fact, 63.6% of respondents watch at least one hour of live TV accessed from the channel guide every day. Only 10% of consumers admit to not watching any live TV while more than 25% don’t regularly view OTT, DVR’d TV or live sports. More than 83% of consumers use or subscribe to cable or satellite services and 81.2% of these users plan to stick with their current providers.

Now that you know that Pay-​TV is still kicking, you need to know who is watching what types of shows. You can find demographic and advertising information on numerous types of TV viewers (from Daytime Drama Watchers to TV Sports Watchers to basic audiences like Cable TV Subscribers) on AudienceSCAN from AdMall by SalesFuel.