Which Ad Media Actually Drive Revenue?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Marketers all over the country are having their budgets increased this year. A lot of them also expect the increase to be a trend that will continue over the next few years. That is, if they pick ad media types that actually drive revenue. They’ll need some help in their decision making and will likely turn to you for guidance. (And if they don’t, you should reach out and offer it anyway.) When that happens, do you know how to advise them properly?

Helping Your Client Drive Revenue

Within the next 12 months, according to a recent marketing report by Nielsen, marketers are expected to increase their budgets for:

  • Social Media: 65% of marketers will increase their social media ad budgets (46% will increase their budget between 0% and 50%, while another 19% of marketers will increase their budgets by over 50%)
  • Online and Mobile Display: 62% (48% of marketers will increase their budget by up to 50% and 14% will increase it by at least 50%)
  • Online and Mobile Video: 62% (46% will increase their budget up to 50% and 16% will increase it by over 50%)
  • Search: 58% (45% will increase their budget up to 50% and 13% will exceed a 50% increase)
  • OTT and CTV: 52% (39% will increase their budget up to 50% and 13% will exceed a 50% increase)

This is the plan for many marketers, but is it the right one if their goal is to drive revenue?

Marketing Goals Your Client Should Have

Before we can answer that question, your client needs to understand what consumers are looking for from brands. (As well as independent goals they should strive for.)

Drive Brand Awareness

Obviously, if your client’s target customers don’t know that your client’s brand exists, they can’t buy those products. It’s more important than ever to raise brand awareness through ads because of the increasing popularity of online shopping. In the past, brands would get free publicity just by having their products on shelves. Since there is an infinite number of products available online, your client needs advertising to stick out and drive revenue. To increase brand awareness, Nielsen recommends utilizing the power of online video and CTV. Why? Because of their reach.

But ultimately, you should rely on research that shows which ad media types are influencing the most consumers to take action. If you don’t have that research available, borrow ours. Check out your client’s target audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel to see which ad types are the most effective at getting your client’s target audience to take action.

Personalize Ads

To drive revenue, your client’s ads need to be reaching the right people with the right messages, says Nielsen. In order to accomplish this task, Nielsen says that you should:

  • Personalize your client’s efforts at scale by leveraging a combination of contextual and behavioral data
  • Unbundle individual households by leveraging solutions that can better identify who within the household is viewing a given program in real time
  • Continuously optimize data strategies to ensure alignment with campaign KPIs”

Again, our data can help you out. Explore our audience profiles on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by Salesfuel to see demographic data on audiences such as Digital Coupon Users, a variety of email readers, Heavy Television Watchers and more. If you’re not sure where to start, check out your client’s target audience’s profile. There, you’ll learn which types of ads will drive these consumers to take action such visiting the website or going to the client's stores. Then for more information, take a look at the more specific ad-​related audience.

Photo by Mimi Thian