Which Mobile Devices Deserve Your Clients' Ad Dollars?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Are you unsure of how to divide your clients' mobile marketing spend in the coming year? According to P.J. Bednarski’s article, “Mobile Market May Have Hit ‘Inflection Point’: Study,” here are the percentages of mobile devices consumers own:

  • Smartphones: 85%
  • Tablets: 57%
  • Smartwatches: 14%

While more than half of consumers own both smartphones and tablets, there’s an obvious ruler between them that should earn your client’s media dollars. Smartphones are not only ahead of tablets by a 28% ownership lead, that division is only growing. Just last year, tablets had 62% penetration. That’s a 5% drop in only 12 months, the largest drop of all the mobile devices featured within Bednarski’s article. Additionally, while smartwatch penetration has gone up by 1% since last year, under a quarter of the population even owns one.

Now, you may be questioning putting a lot of faith in smartphone advertising strictly on the basis of the number of people who own one. While that number does lay good groundwork for smartphones, this medium has much more backing it.

For starters, smartphones’ popularity are still growing. From 2017 to 2018, smartphone ownership has gone up by three percent. Then there’s how often the phones are used. According to Bednarski, the average amount of times people look down at their phones daily is 52. That’s about 3.25 times an hour for someone getting eight hours of sleep each night. Thirty-​nine percent of consumers believe they spend too much time on their phones. While 62% would like to cut back on their phone time, only 32% are succeeding. Even when consumers are trying to lessen their mobile phone time, they can’t! THAT’S how much influence smartphones have on the general population.

To top it all off, all Smartphone Users are 14% more likely than other adults to find advertising on their mobile apps useful to them and 45.9% took action because of text or mobile app ads last year, according to AdMall research. To find out more about Smartphone Users, including iPhone and Android Users, check out their profiles in AudienceSCAN by AdMall from SalesFuel.

Smartphones’ reach is broad and their marketing is effective. Make sure your clients are taking advantage of mobile!