Which are the Best Questions to Improve SEO Strategies?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Chances are, you and your client have been brainstorming the best SEO strategies since the pandemic pushed everything to digital. You already know that adding “near me” to your client’s keywords improves localization and findability. And you’ve probably identified the individual keywords your clients should be using based on their industry. But did you know that questions can also improve your client’s chances of being found during an online search?

Questions: One of the Best Strategies for SEO

Your client’s business is so successful because it fulfills one or more needs of its target customers. When consumers experience a new need they don’t know how to fulfill it on their own — they will start asking questions. That’s where your client’s strategies come into play. Answering questions is a great way to attract new customers and introduce existing customers to a broader range of your client’s products and services.

3 Types of the Best Questions

According to a recent article by Business 2 Community, there are three types of questions your clients should be incorporating adding to their standard SEO marketing strategy:

  1. What if I…?
  2. How do I…?
  3. Which is the Best…?

What if I…?”

Right off the bat, potential customers may have a solution to their problem or need already in mind. But they’ll want to double-​check its validity before they take action. So, they’ll conduct an online search along the lines of, “What if I do [such and such]?” With the proper SEO strategies, your client’s website will pop up with the answer to the question being asked. 

The answer can confirm the consumer’s hypothesis and promote a product or service to fulfill the need. Or, the answer can explain why the customer’s idea isn’t good and offer an alternative. Either way, your client immediately becomes the authority on the subject, and consumers tend to make purchases from brands they trust.

How do I…?”

How-​tos are common inquiries made by consumers. The answers are also useful for both new and existing customers. Your client should create how-​to posts and videos demonstrating the way their products and services solve everyday problems. When that content includes multiple keywords, it becomes a vital part of your client’s SEO content strategy. And again, it establishes your client as a knowledgeable authority in their field. If the how-​to content is well-​made and easy to follow, the viewer/​reader may buy the client's recommended products to solve their problem.

Which is Best…?”

According to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel, only 15.2% of U.S. consumers don’t read online reviews. They want to know they’re choosing the best product or service to fulfill their needs or solve their problems. So, they’ll probably turn to the internet to find out which product, service, brand, etc., is best for them in their situation. 

Answering “Which is Best”  question is a pivotal component of the best SEO strategies as it allows your client to compare themselves to their competition tastefully. Your client can publish content that stacks their products or services' features against those offered by their competition. The side-​by-​side comparison showcases your client's product advantages over others the consumer will come across. With all that information in one place, the consumer can begin and end their search on your client's website.