Who's Using Which Mobile Devices the Most?

BY Rachel Cagle
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If you think that white Americans are the ones most hooked to their mobile devices, you thought wrong. According to a report by Nielsen, out of white, black, Asian, and Hispanic Americans, white Americans use their smartphones the least and aren’t the top tablet users either.

On average, Americans over the age of 18 spend more than two hours every single day on their smartphones. Black Americans spend the most time on their phones with an average of two hours and 47 minutes per day. Asians come in a not-​even-​close second at two hours and 23 minutes. Third place goes to Hispanics at two hours and 20 minutes. In total, U.S. adults as a whole bring up the rear right on Hispanics’ heels at two hours and 19 minutes. To top it all off, women in general spend more time on smartphones than men, with the majority of their time being spend on social networks.

When it comes to tablets, Asians take the lead in usage time at 45 minutes per day, although that isn’t too far ahead of the average U.S. adult’s daily usage time of 43 minutes. Black Americans spend roughly 41 minutes a day on their tablets and Hispanics only spend about 37 minutes on theirs. Again, women clock more usage time on this mobile device than their menfolk. However, on these devices, women are spending the majority of their time streaming audio and looking up videos, both online and through mobile apps.

Women are the heaviest users of mobile devices, with black Americans dominating smartphone usage and Hispanics leading the way with time spent on tablets. Are your client’s ads reflecting this? For more demographic and advertising information on all sorts of smartphone and tablet users, check out their profiles on AudienceSCAN by AdMall from SalesFuel.