Why Cross-​Platform Marketing is Critical to Both B2B and B2C Businesses

BY Rachel Cagle
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The differences between B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) customers are becoming slimmer with each passing year. Forrester’s B2B And B2C Companies Face Similar Hurdles With Complex Buyer Journeys report reveals that both types of customers prefer to make emotionally-​driven decisions and are interdependent and fickle. They both also value personalized buying journeys and data-​driven insights so that they can better perform independent research into their potential purchases.

Emotionally-​driven customers of either business type find the purchase journey extremely important. However, with a slew of both traditional and digital marketing efforts driving the buying process, it can be difficult for businesses to effectively track the customer journey and, therefore, provide further personalization. Forrester says that in order to better engage customers, businesses need to switch their focus to cross-​platform integrated marketing. 

Why it Matters

Adoption of cross-​channel campaign management and marketing automation technologies is poised to nearly double in the next year as many companies plan to implement in the next twelve months,” reports Forrester. This marketing technology software allows businesses to better understand which stage of the buying process potential customers are currently in, even when they’re engaging on multiple platforms. Once marketers know which stage the prospect is in, they can deliver more insightful and effective content when it is most needed. This strategy will give businesses the omni-​presence that a growing number of consumers have come to expect.

Forrester says, “Customers are spending less time interacting with businesses before making a purchase decision, so reaching digitally empowered audiences with relevant content, that guides them through the customer journey, is critical for marketers.”

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