Why Direct Mail Is Hot Again

BY Tim Londergan
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As tens of millions of office workers went home in March 2020, they forged new routines and had some time to reflect on what works and what doesn’t. Uninvited messages, video calls and e‑mail became overwhelming. Social media was an annoying distraction. One dependable source of communication that showed up every Monday through Saturday was the delivery of mail to their home. During the pandemic, consumers embraced direct mail with a deeper appreciation. That is only part of why direct mail is hot again.

Advertisers have relied on direct mail for decades. The targeting capabilities and intrusive nature make it efficient. The beauty is that this marketing channel delivers measurable and effective results. In an article from adage​.com, analyst reveal the data from their Awareness-​to-​Action Study.


Why direct mail is hot again is, in part, because it works. According to the report, 68% of respondents use coupons they receive in the mail. 46% were encouraged to go online for more information about a brand due to a mailed ad. Over half (58%) of respondents were motivated to visit a restaurant or use its delivery service. 48% used mailed information to make shopping lists while 41% went online to make a purchase. Millennials and those with $100k+ income returned significantly higher results. Reaching a more affluent audience does not have to be more expensive for your clients. Omnichannel efforts are more effective with direct mail: 52% are more likely to remember the message and notice the ad. Direct mail is hot again because it creates action.

Marketing data has made direct mail more powerful

Marketers can now apply the same information that fuels digital ads to direct mail. Localized targeting of households by block group and specific neighborhoods is potent. Messages can be customized to any home environment. From post cards to high-​end creative mailers, advertisers can entice their desired audience. Direct mail is hot again because it works with every demographic. Gen Xers and millennials are as engaged, or even more so, as boomers. The report states that 60% of millennials were motivated to try a new store, business, or product (significantly higher than all respondents).

In fact, according to hydratemarketing​.com, millennials love direct mail. 92% of this group say they are influenced by direct mail to make purchase decisions. 90% prefer direct mail over email when receiving promotional items. And when you consider that 41% of millennials are married with children, it makes the target all the more valuable. Further, the author suggests understanding their interests and values and to integrate print and online to your advertiser’s direct mail efforts.

AdMall’s business intelligence and consumer insight provide the tools needed to inform your clients of the impact of direct mail. AudienceScan profiles help you understand the consumer and create a message that will resonate. It is time for you to prove to your client that direct mail is hot again.

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