Why Gratitude in Sales Can Lead to More Success

BY Jessica Helinski

Gratitude is important, and not just on the fourth Thursday of each November. In the sales profession, having an “attitude of gratitude” can actually be a key to success. In a recent CustomerThink article, sales professional Al Davidson shares some ways that gratitude can help you in your career every day of the year.

Positive focus.

Selling isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as most reps know. But, letting yourself get caught up in a lost sale or missed opportunity can put you in a permanent slump. While you’ll always experience bumps in the road, it’s up to you to be in control of your outlook and attitude. During tough times, reframe your thoughts to find the good in a situation. As Davidson writes, “if you practice gratitude, there are ways to make the best of even the worst moments as a sales person.”

People-​first attitude.

Selling requires an emphasis on others’ needs and wants. By focusing on gratitude, you’re keeping yourself in touch with the human element of selling. Rather than thinking about each sales call as a means to reaching quota, consider the actual person you’re calling. Be grateful for the opportunity to speak with him or her and the potential new relationship. You’ll find that your relationships will be much stronger and fulfilling.


Sales reps who embrace gratitude find themselves enjoying their careers over the long term. “Being a successful B2B salesperson requires patience and stamina,” Davidson explains. “If you practice gratitude every day, you are more likely to have the long-​term staying power to keep working with clients and keep nurturing leads.”  Be grateful for each stage of the sales process by focusing on how each fits into the overall big picture. This mindset propels you through the tough times and lends a steady momentum to your career.

So, make it your mission to focus on gratitude as much as you can in your sales job. You will not only be positioning yourself for success, but also making your day-​to-​day experience more enjoyable. As Davidson points out, “Gratitude helps you enjoy the process, not just the end goal.”