Why Marketing Data is the Make or Break of Campaigns

BY Rachel Cagle
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Only one out of every four marketers is using marketing data to make each of their marketing-​based decisions. That’s not enough. In fact, according to a recent Ascend2 study, only 45% of marketers even have a marketing strategy. Sure, you can throw random marketing ideas out into the public, but they’re not going to succeed as well as data-​driven strategies are. And don’t your clients expect and deserve successful campaigns?

Why is utilizing marketing data so important? For starters, 94% of marketers surveyed by Ascend2 reported having at least a somewhat successful campaign based on marketing data. Of those 94%, 31% said their campaigns are very successful (best-​in-​class). The primary goals these marketers were trying to achieve in order to consider their campaigns successful included:

  • Increasing customer loyalty: 46%
  • Increasing conversion rates: 43%
  • Optimizing customer journey: 42%
  • Increasing content engagement: 35%

Obviously, if you try to analyze all the marketing data you have at your disposal, you’ll be overwhelmed and encounter difficult decision-​making. Instead, the data you should be focusing on, according to the surveyed marketers, should be in the categories of:

  • Engagement (47%)
  • Customer retention rate (46%)
  • Conversion rate (45%)
  • Customer lifetime value (40%)

But what should you do if your client’s marketing data isn’t as thorough as you’d hoped it would be? AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel provides another source for the marketing data you need to create your client’s next successful campaign. Each audience profile gives you insight into your client’s target audience’s lifestyle, purchase intent for the next year, and information on the audience’s recent marketing response habits and preferences.

The next time you approach your client with a campaign pitch, give them the ease of mind that your plan is supported by marketing data. Remember, well planned out, data-​supported campaigns are successful 94% of the time.