Why Small Businesses Need Great Website Design

BY Rachel Cagle
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If one of your clients is a small business owner who doesn’t think they need a website, let alone one with great website design, you need to let them know just how wrong they are. According to a Search Engine Land article written by Greg Sterling, a social media page and a minor Google presence are not enough for small to medium-​sized businesses (SMBs) to attract customers. 

Even with the presence of listings such as Google My Business, “SMB (small to medium-​sized business) websites are still a critical part of small business marketing,” says Sterling. For one thing, an actual business website is viewed as a more accurate source of information by 56% of consumers. 

Website Design is Crucial for Small Businesses

What information are consumers looking for on small business websites? Based on Google My Business results, 69% of consumers search small businesses' websites for their business hours. Consumers are also looking to their websites for directions to the business (50%), reviews on the business and its products or services (44%), and photos (34%). At least 19% have used a click-​to-​call button. If any of these aspects aren't included in your small business client's website design, they may miss out on potential new customers.

Additionally, 38% of consumers using Google My Business are looking for links to the small business’ website. And that is just Google My Business users. Sterling also points out that, after conducting a local search, at least 75% of consumers will visit a small business’ website to learn more. If a potential customer looking for a small business’ website finds the site doesn’t exist, or that its website design is out-​of-​date, they may move on to a competitor with an outstanding website.

Local First Shoppers make up 56.6% of U.S. adults, according to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. And, within the last month, 51.7% have used a search engine to research a product they were considering. What more evidence do your small business clients need for you to help build them a website?