Why Summer 2022 Will be OOH Ads' Comeback

BY Rachel Cagle
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Are your clients still looking for a sign to get back into (or begin) out-​of-​home (OOH) advertising? Well, this is it, because this summer is the perfect time for OOH ads to make a comeback!

Why Use OOH Ads?

Americans are Comfortable Traveling Again

After more than two years of panic around the COVID-​19 pandemic, American consumers are ready to put themselves back out into the world. According to a recent study by The Harris Poll for the OAAA, Americans are ready to travel again. They’re comfortable traveling by:

  • Airplane (69% feel safe flying now)
  • Trains (67%)
  • Ride shares (62%)
  • Taxis (61%)
  • Subway (44%)

Where They’re Going

Offices continue to open back up, driving consumers to return to their commutes. In the summer of 2022, 84% of American consumers will be commuting to and from work again. 64% will be commuting every day, while 20% will be commuting every few days as the result of their new hybrid work situation. More than 73% of all demographics will be making these treks and are therefore a target for OOH ads.

Additionally, 48% of American consumers plan to take at least two weeks off work for vacations (Boomers especially at 60%). To get where they’re going, they’ll be taking:

  • Their personal vehicles: 79%
  • Airplanes: 46%
  • Trains: 12%
  • Buses: 9%

Where OOH Ads Come In

All this travel is fantastic news for companies that utilize OOH ads! According to The Harris Poll, 43% of American consumers say that they’re noticing OOH ads more now compared to before the pandemic. This change is especially true among urbanites in cities with populations of over one million (62%). And even more exciting: 23% of millennials within these cities who value advertising to help make purchasing decisions rely on OOH ads.

What They’re Planning on Buying

Believe it or not, one of the top influences OOH ads have on consumers is helping them make purchases for special occasions. When it comes to Mother’s and Father’s Day, weddings, graduations, etc. for 2022, these are the top consumers who are swayed by OOH ads:

  • Men: 48%
  • Urbanites living in cities with populations of over one million: 55%
  • Millennials: 48%

Overall, 42% of the general public find OOH ads useful when making purchasing decisions around special events.

Why OOH Over Digital?

Your clients may be thinking that the pandemic drove all of us to consume more digital content, so why not keep contributing ad spend to digital? While digital’s popularity is increasing, burnout is also on the rise. 78% of consumers are annoyed by digital ads when they interrupt their viewing, listening or reading experiences. Additionally, 68% of consumers say that they spend so much time looking at screens nowadays that they don’t even bother acknowledging digital ads. Another 43% are taking steps to spend less time looking at screens, including phone, computer and TV screens. So, this summer is an excellent time to make an impact on these consumers by encouraging your clients to advertise to them in a way that they’ll be more open to: OOH.

Will Your Client’s Target Customers Be Affected?

Even with all this information, the question on your client’s mind will still be, “Well, will my target audience be interested in OOH ads?” The overall information discussed above indicates yes. But, if you want concrete evidence, take a look at AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. There, you can look up information on your client’s target audiences, including how many of them took action because of OOH ads within the last year and what they plan to spend their money on this year.

Summer is quickly approaching. Get your client’s OOH ads out there ASAP!

Photo by Deniz Demir.