Why Your Clients Should be Advertising at the Cinema

BY Kathy Crosett
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A night out at the cinema is a way for consumers to socialize and experience something new on the big screen. This activity also poses a big opportunity for your clients to make an impression on movie goers. A new report from the VAB explains who your clients should be trying to connect with and why.

Affluent Consumers and Cinema Amenities

Last year, movie theaters sold over 1.3 billion tickets and generated box office receipts of over $12 billion. Of course, consumers shell out money for other products and services at the cinema. The VAB reports that affluent consumers willingly pay extra for amenities such as reclining seats. They also enjoy dining and drinking adult beverages during the show.

Check out the following statistics. (Percentages for all adults appear in parentheses.)

  • Reclining seats 76% (69%)
  • In-​Theater Dining 52% (44%)
  • Adult beverages 36% (43%)

Affluent Consumers and Cinema Advertising

Affluent adults are also paying to attention to something more than the main show. VAB research finds that “while cinema advertisements are effective across the adult population, Affluent Adults are 67% more likely to purchase a product advertised in a movie theater.” Specifically, affluent adult movie goers say they take the following action as a result of seeing a cinema advertisement. (Stats for all adults appear in parentheses.)

  • Purchase product advertised 30% (18%)
  • Go shopping 36% (21%)
  • Dine out 34% (24%)

One way to boost engagement from movie goers is to develop interactive advertising for the cinema. Nearly half, 46%, of affluent movie goers with interact with a poll, games or trivia contest before the movie starts. What better way for your clients to make a lasting impression on their target audience? 

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