Why Your Clients Should Try Sequenced Ads

BY Kathy Crosett
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Do consumers pay attention to online ads these days? After all, many viewers know that, on streaming video, they are going to have to watch the same ad up to five times during a single program. Talk about a turnoff. If your clients want to generate more goodwill with the viewing public and higher revenue, they should consider a creative strategy that involves delivering sequenced ads.

Types of Sequenced Ads

We humans love a good story. Telling a story through advertising in several small chapters, like a mini- series, is one way to make creative pitches memorable. Last winter, YouTube hired Ipsos Media Development to research and measure the impact of sequenced ads on consumer recall. In addition to the mini-​series format, Ipsos analysts also looked at the ‘tease, amplify, echo’ and the lead-​in ad formats. The strategy behind all these ads was to develop sequences and review the impact on consumers. Researchers compared these results to what consumers recalled when they saw the same ad run multiple times.

The results were impressive on several levels. Viewers who saw a digital online video ad had the following responses:

  • Top of mind brand awareness 28%
  • Ad recall 42%
  • Purchase intent 25%

The viewers who saw sequenced ads reported better metrics:

  • Top of mind brand awareness 36%
  • Ad recall 53%
  • Purchase intent 29%

Researchers also measured for ad retention. They exposed viewers to two repeating traditional ads and compared retention rates when viewers were exposed to two and three segment sequenced ads. Here are the results:

  • Traditional ads (two exposures) 10%
  • All sequences 17%
  • Two segment sequences 15%
  • Three segment sequences 19%

Sequencing your creative presents an opportunity to increase impact with the same number of impressions thus adding to the list of advantages afforded by digital platforms over traditional linear media with yet another way to get more bang for your buck,” say researchers.

Help your clients make a bigger impact with their online video ads. Start by viewing the audience profiles on AudienceSCAN, available from AdMall at Salesfuel. Then share the statistics with your clients and suggest a sequenced ad campaign.