Will Your Relationships with Your Clients Help You Retain Them?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Existing, loyal customers are the easiest people to whom to make a sale. These clients are the ones
who you know and who know you, and that kind of familiar comfort is always helpful when making a sale. Do you have this kind of relationship with your existing clients? If not, your chances of retaining them aren’t nearly as high as they could be. Endri Hasanaj’s article, “3 Ways to Increase Customer Retention Today,” offers a few ways to make sure your customer retention is on point.

Knowledge is Power

People always feel more comfortable and appreciated when they know they are understood. Give your clients that same feeling of reassurance by taking the time to get to know them and showcasing that knowledge. Having a thorough knowledge of your clients will also make it easier to sell to them once you know who they are, what they need/​need help with, etc.

Retaining this Power

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that things are always changing, including your clients and their needs. You won’t be able to learn everything there is to know about your clients through only your initial interactions and there always will be more to add to your memory as time goes on. Check up on your clients on a regular basis; get feedback from them and learn how their needs are changing and what you can do to help. These actions will allow you to increase your knowledge of what you could potentially sell them and make them comfortable about buying from you again as they get to know you.

Showing it Off

What is the best way to show off your knowledge of your clients to them? Anticipate their needs. Once you get to know your clients, you’ll occasionally be able to head off a problem or recognize a need before they do. Do something about it. Approach them with a plan to fulfill the need or solve the problem and they will know you have been spending a considerable amount of time thinking about their business needs. This proactive action on your part will make them eager to stay with you.