Women Watch Four Hours of Live TV Every Day

BY Kathy Crosett
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Do your clients realize that women make or influence between 70% and 80% of purchases in the U.S.? They’re picking up supplies for their kids’ school projects and stopping by the convenience store to grab milk and bottled water. And if they’re not actually making a purchase, they’re influencing the brands and items that their spouses and other family members make. The good news for your clients is that they can reach women with their marketing messages.

Media Use

Nielsen’s latest research shows that women use media for five hours more than men do on a weekly basis. In total, women are connecting in some way with media for 73 hours a week. Here’s how those numbers break out:

  • Live TV 27.2 (hours)
  • Time-​shifted TV 4.14
  • DVD 0.3
  • Game console 0.56
  • Radio 9.34
  • Internet on PC 3.33
  • App/​Web – Smartphone 17.1

We hear plenty about the vast quantities of time consumers spend on their mobile devices. And Nielsen’s numbers prove the point. Those small mobile screens only hold consumers’ attention for so long, though. When it’s time to unwind at the end of a long day, consumers, especially women, enjoy watching TV on a larger screen. 

Women’s Attitudes About TV Advertising

With so many women in the workforce and tending to family needs, they lack time to research new products. As a result, TV is a good source of information about products and services. When asked if TV provides useful information about these products, 18.4% of stay-​at-​home moms strongly agreed, and another 34.7% somewhat agreed. For working moms, the comparable numbers were 14.3% and 35.9%.

Nielsen research reveals that a growing number of women, 53%, now call themselves the head of the household. These women may have significant earning power. And they’ll direct their spending to marketers that catch their attention on TV.

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