How to Wow Your Clients With Top-​Notch Service

BY Rachel Cagle
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The bare minimum is not good enough, especially in sales. Following your company’s customer service policy is good, but that’s not how you wow your clients and develop loyal customer relationships. However, when you have a whole slew of clients, you may lose your drive to try to impress each and every one, and you may find it difficult to find that first step to exceeding your client’s expectations. Jeremy Watkin offers multiple steps you can try in his article, “Don’t Lose That Sense of Customer Service Wonder.”

Wowing your clients takes a certain amount of creativity. Now, don’t worry if that isn’t your strong point. Being creative can stem from something as simple as the hesitation to tell your clients, “no.” When your client comes to you with a concern and a solution isn’t provided in your policy, but you still do your best to satisfy their need, you’re finding an innovative way to meet their needs and therefore wow them.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your colleagues. Everyone has had different experiences and solves problems in their own individual way. When you’re stuck trying to find a creative solution to a client’s problem, someone else’s perspective could be just the inspiration you need. Two heads coming up with a client-​wowing solution are better than one.

If your coworkers are also stumped, there is someone else directly involved that you can ask advice from: your client. Getting your client directly involved in the problem-​solving process shows them that you’re actively looking for a solution and it gives you first-​hand insight into how your client would prefer the situation to be resolved. Sometimes you’ve just got to cut out the middle man, and the direct consultation of your client is sure to surprise them in a positive way.

Even if you don’t succeed in delighting one client, you can always gather the information from that experience to improve a similar customer issue down the line. Take the time to ask your client what you could have done to make the situation flow more smoothly or how they feel it could have been prevented all together. Then send them a hand-​written card thanking them for their valuable input that is sure to improve your service in the future.