Wow With Facts, Woo With Possibilities During First Meeting

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sometimes you only get one chance to make a great impression. With competition around every corner, you’ve got to make the most of your contact with a prospect. For event venues, mastering this skill is especially important as time plays a big role in booking. You may only get to communicate with a prospect once or twice before they have to decide on a venue. In an article for Special Events magazine, Heather Jones shares some best practices to “woo and book” events:

Respond quickly.

Time is usually of the essence for prospects, so be sure to respond fast and fully to any inquiries. “The quicker the venue's response time to a prospect’s first inquiry, the better the booking rate turns out to be,” Jones writes. Not only do they need information fast, it also shows them that, if hired, you will respond in a timely manner to their needs. Jones recommends keeping a list of commonly asked questions, with customizable responses, to boost your response time. 

Be memorable.

Don’t hesitate to wow the prospect. Show them how attentive you are to detail, your excellent taste and your commitment to an amazing experience. You can do this with little touches during your first meeting, whether it’s offering a glass of wine or sending them home with a little gift. Make the prospect feel special before they even sign the contract, giving them a glimpse of how amazing your services can be. 

These are just two of Jones’ tips, and the others are just as helpful. You can stand out from competitors easily by following her advice and making the most of that first meeting. Wow them with your venue, professionalism and attention to detail; woo them with the possibility of amazing, one-​of-​a-​kind event.