Wow Your Clients With Data Analysis To Ensure A Contract For Next Year

BY Kathy Crosett
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It that’s time of year. Marketers are reviewing what worked for them. They’re also considering the changes they’ll make to partnerships in 2019. If you want to pitch new ways to offer value to your clients, and secure more work for 2019, check out the survey results from Sizmek.

For their Marketers Survey Results 2018 report, Sizmek queried just over 500 industry professionals who serve in a managerial or vice-​presidential capacity. With over $500 million in combined ad spending under their control, these pros offer great insight into the challenges they’re facing.


Marketers are getting the picture when it comes to data. They can optimize ROI on their marketing campaigns when they use their own data. In the next year, about 78% of marketers plan to “increase their use of their first-​party data.” 

This commitment likely goes beyond email marketing. With greater insight into their data, your clients will be looking for ways to target customers in unique ways, especially through mobile apps. That’s probably why 85% of marketers will be combing through their first-​party data to find the best way to buy media that speaks to their customers.

Audience Metrics

When marketers work with media buyers, they say the following metrics are very valuable:

  • Understanding audience behavior 59%
  • Accurate campaign measurement 53%
  • Understanding audience demographic 50%

Knowledge of the audience demographic is particularly crucial. Your clients want to know which action points resonate with the audience (39%) and the impact of cross-​channel advertising (40 percent). It’s not enough for marketers to just have the statistics. They want to work with a partner that will help them analyze information. In fact, the Sizmek survey results show that 88% of marketers like partners who will work consultatively with them to develop a campaign that effectively uses audience data.

For example, your clients might know that about half of U.S. adults own pets. They might even have the age demographics for their customers. But, do they know that nearly 25% of pet owners have taken action as a result of a mobile smart phone app or text message they saw in the last month? This data is available at AudienceSCAN from AdMall, a service of SalesFuel.

Start thinking creatively about how you can combine data you have access to with your clients’ data. When you do, you’ll be adding the kind of insight and value your clients want in a business partnership.