Xaxis: 79% of Marketers Seek Outcome-​Driven Media Partners

BY Kathy Crosett
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As another year comes to a close, marketers are reviewing how well digital display advertising has worked for them. While digital display advertising gives more insight into ROI than traditional media, marketers aren’t satisfied. The new Measuring Success study from Xaxis shows what your clients are obsessing about. Check out the details on their desire for outcome-​driven media partners. You need to be able to answer questions when they arise.

Most Popular Metrics

Globally, marketers use the following metrics to determine whether their digital display advertising is hitting their hoped-​for targets:

  • CPA — Cost per acquisition 20%
  • CPCV — Cost per completed view 19%
  • CPC — Cost per click 19%
  • CTR — Click-​through rate
  • CPE — Cost per engagement 14%
  • Viewability — 6%

U.S. marketers are particularly focused on the CTR metric with just over 20% of survey takers giving that option their highest rating. Researchers also reported variation in marketers' responses according to industry vertical. Over 30% of legal marketers like the CTR metric, while 25% of retailers, caterers and leisure industry operators rely on CPA and CPC as the way to measure success. For IT and telecom businesses, CPA rules with 21% selecting that option.

Why Marketers Want Change

With over 86% of marketers saying their measurement methods are extremely or very successful, at least 72% are looking for alternatives. In fact, this change will come in the next 12–24 months, and is especially prevalent for marketers that spend over $25 million annually on digital display media. The reasons for not changing from the existing methods range from cost (17%) to the fact that the metrics “are embedded with partners and industry (16%).”

One of the first big promises made about digital display media is that it was going to be easier to evaluate outcomes. Seventy-​one percent of marketers now say that this measurement has become more difficult over the past five years. That sentiment may be why 64% of marketers are seeking media partners that will ‘develop custom digital metrics and KPIs.’ Specifically, your clients want to see that you’ll offer them:

  • Increased efficiency 48%
  • A strategy that aligns with their business objectives 40%

You can start to develop an outcome-​driven media pitch by understanding the audience your clients need to reach with their digital dollars. Review the AudienceSCAN reports available at AdMall from SalesFuel. Then, you can start talking about how your proposal will help clients meet their desired outcomes.